Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Oh god, it's growing

I've now got a Sorscha and some Winterguard. I really like the Winterguard, but Sorscha came out great too. Very happy with how they both turned out.

I'm doing predominantly white for the important figures to create a visual hierarchy. I plan on basing them eventually in grey and snow. I also touched up the battlegroup some more and they're below. Especially the freehanded Khador symbol on the top of their hull.

Alright that's the full update, like I said last post I haven't had a whole lot of time. But I'm planning on getting a bunch more models here soon. I've also thought about changing the color scheme from the standard Commie Red to a Military Green like here from reddit user u/JustarianCaesar:

I thought these were fantastic and very inspiring, I've since seen others with similar ideas and they honestly look a lot better than the red. I'll think about it.

Until next time,

Is he a commie now?

Hey hey!

Just a quick update post. I'm in grad school these days and don't have as much time as I'd like to. I also moved up to the Chicagoland suburbs, so if you know of a great place (or at least not terrible) to find some games and good people, leave a comment and I'll stop by.

But miniatures!
I got tired of Cryx for now. I thought about selling them but nobody in Lexington was interested so I've just been holding on to them. What I got instead is some Khador!


Sorry for taking pictures with a potato. So I just have the starter battlebox, and I played a couple games with them before (this was nearly a year ago, but I'm very very slow). I'm pretty excited about them.

I was reading about the various types of armies I could play and I'm thinking I really like the infantry style with some of the Irusks or Sorscha. 

Will post again with updates.

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

A couple new ones

I'm on spring break so I do have a fair amount of time, but not a fair amount of models to paint, which I suppose is the drawback to only having one unpainted unit at a time. Regardless I managed to get my hands on two, one which I had been looking forward to for a while and another that I didn't even know I wanted but it turns out I very much did. I did however based all the models I have now and I'm pretty happy with the result of everyone together. I played my biggest game yet on Monday (35pt) and after seeing them all lined up and happily slaughtering everyone, I decided that it worked well with them.

So the first one is Lich Lord Venethrax, who has an awesome (in my opinion) storyline, a pretty cool model (even if he does have that genestealer broodlord pose that I dislike) and decent rules. Overall he's my favorite warcaster in the Cryx army so I'm quite happy to have him. Overall I think he turned out pretty good but I still feel as though something is missing so I'm not going to call him done yet, but I will stop painting him for now.

I realize the picture quality is less than stellar but I think this gives a decent idea of what he looks like.

Next is Aiakos, Scourge of the Meredius which I think is the most recent or one of the most recent models added to the Cryx army as a whole. He was a Kickstarter reward for that Warmachine Tactics game (which I heard isn't being received too well) and then it seems he was resculpted for the masses, which is good because the other sculpt I've been seeing online is pretty 2D in my opinion. I have the good new one. He is Cryx's only journeyman warcaster and only 3pt and I look forward to playing with him. I sat with this guy all day today (not doing much else actually) trying to figure out how I was going to paint him and there was little inspiration online but I think he turned out pretty good. The flesh was a bit intimidating but I think I managed it without it looking TOO cartoony. He's basically one of those models that looks great 3 feet away but a pretty blotchy up close, kinda like those stage performers and their make-up. Anyway he's below: 

Both are great models and also I based them the same way as everyone else so that should give a good idea of how that went. 

Let me know what you think.

Monday, March 2, 2015

Tweedledee and Tweedledum

So I had to get a one point model to get up to 15 points for the Journeyman League that I started at my FLGS (which seems to be going well though I'm not making friends by playing Cryx, gotta rely on the ol' charm) and so I ordered a Machine Wraith, which is a fun little model. It possesses jacks and that's pretty cool. Anyway here he is:

I've also been experimenting with bases and decided to go for the cliched swamp theme. So I got my tall yellow grass, some water effects (was a dummy and got the sculpting water effect instead of the stand so now I have to get more), some course brown gravel and some lichen/moss deal. I hate it. Maybe it just needs more work, I need more practice or I should have primed the gravel with the base, who knows. Let me know what you think, I tested on tweedledee and tweedledum below.